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by Michelle Lentz

In Nov 09, 2009

Startup Diaries: Landscaping

Years of neglect took their toll on the lawn and shrubs. The azalea bushes which bloomed beautiful red flowers were dying. Vine-like weeds strangled them and robbed the roots of water...

In Nov 07, 2009

After A Decade of “Human Circuitry”, Gnomedex Says It’s Time To Call It Quits

In Nov 05, 2009

Remember the Facebook Friend Wheel?

Thanks to a Facebook Application called Friend Wheel, I could generate the visualization pictured above of my 9000+ Facebook friends (and still growing). It was kinda fun to look at; ...

In Oct 24, 2009

Five Free to Low Cost Online Marketing Ideas to Help You Grow Your Business

A tough task for any small business owner is trying to promote your business with big impact – but on a small budget.

In Oct 24, 2009

Creative Business Ideas With Little To No Cost

If you're a creative person and you're not using that creativity to make a're making a mistake.

In Oct 24, 2009

Creative Ways to Bootstrap a Startup Company

Without heavy venture capital investments, the main goal of a startup is almost always to successfully bootstrap their finances. Most people who are familiar with the term “bootstrap”...

In Aug 09, 2009

FriendFeed Appeals to the A-List and the Entire Alphabet-List

In case you missed it, Louis Gray recently renewed the fervor over FriendFeed by publishing a list of “elite” bloggers that were using FriendFeed. Very clever

In Aug 01, 2009

Google Buzz Improves Socially, but Not Enough

Google Buzz had a few issues to work out when first launching earlier this year, namely the apparent violation of privacy with automated following of contacts already added through yo...

In May 16, 2009