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How to Make your Startup Garner Attention at a Trade Show

As a business owner, preparing for a trade show can be very stressful and frustrating, because you don’t know how to attract people to your startup and make yourself heard amongst all...

In Feb 21, 2020

Facebook blocks Aussies from sharing and viewing news feeds

Facebook has taken a drastic decision after failing to reach an agreement with the Australian government. And is that the social network founded by Mark Zuckberberg has blocked the ab...

In Feb 20, 2020

Where to find small business startup grants

If you’re looking for starting a business or you want your small business to get off the ground, then you know that you’ll need some money to start.

In Feb 17, 2020

Types of Venture Capital Funding

One of the most common terms in the financing world is venture capital funding, which is necessary for some startups and companies to continue with their operations and to get the imp...

In Feb 17, 2020

Artificial general intelligence is here, and it’s useless

One of the most misunderstood ideas that’s polluting the minds of popular “intellectuals”, many of them seemingly accustomed with statistics and machine learning, is the potential o...

In May 23, 2019

Eve Images – Edit, generate, and optimize images

Eve images is a New York based startup that combines machine learning with stock photo creation. Your images may be optimized by race, gender, emotion and other variables to perfectly...

In May 23, 2019

Expe – Peer to Peer Outdoor Recreation Rentals

We are a peer to peer rental platform for outdoor recreation items from tents and kayaks to ATV’s and UTV’s.

In May 19, 2019

Rags: A Disruption Startup

We’re launching our Indiegogo for Rags! Rags is a ZERO WASTE subscription clothing box to get handpicked, vintage outfits delivered to your door! Think a thrift store- but in a box (B...

In May 19, 2019

Bitstore – A Crypto Shopping Platform

With geographical locations, currency or lack of bank account being barriers for so many people to shop online, Bitstore has come up with a cryptocurrency-based solution to open up po...

In May 19, 2019