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Time Is Money: Respond To Your Emails Faster

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In Apr 29, 2020

Startup Revolution: 5 Keys to Success

Launching a startup is a dream come true for those entrepreneurs who want to make their name on the digital frontier. However, many find the journey to be an arduous affair filled wit...

In Apr 20, 2020

The Concept of a Lean Startup

One of the methods used for funding a new company is the Lean Startup that has proven to be very efficient when creating a business and launching a product to the market.

In Apr 17, 2020

Tips to Succeed as a SaaS Startup

Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the hottest business models of internet-based businesses, and if done right, it can be quite profitable with little overhead. More than half of ...

In Apr 17, 2020

DeepView24, electric submarine with panoramic views at 100 m depth

Until now, it seemed that the only area of electric locomotion to be conquered was the sea.

In Apr 15, 2020

How to Start an Anime Blog in 4 Easy Steps

Turn your passion for anime into your dream job. Learn how to start a successful anime blog in four easy steps, even if you have zero coding skills.

In Apr 14, 2020

Big Data Is All About You

Big data — a set of technologies that apply complex algorithms to large sets of data in an attempt to extract meaningful results — is currently all about targeted marketing. For years...

In Apr 11, 2020

Why Artificial Intelligence is Still Not That Intelligent

The optimistic futurists of the world would love for AI to replace human intelligence and live life on autopilot. This is why you may see headlines like “Are Computers Already Smarter...

In Apr 10, 2020

The Importance of Speeches For Business

There are many types of speeches involved with gatherings for business, and its delivery is important for any company. The purpose typically is to present information to an interested...

In Apr 04, 2020

Advice to Offline Businesses Affected by Covid-19 from a Global Ecommerce Platform

Something of a statement of the obvious to say that it is extremely troubling time for local shops, restaurants, hospitality businesses. SimpleShop has been helping a large volume of ...

In Apr 03, 2020