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Types of Startups We Need in 2020 & Beyond

With the current pandemic, concerns of global warming, and mass unemployment, I think the whole world is starting to reconsider our priorities. While it’s hard to sway the powers that...

In May 20, 2020

Save Money with the Right Commercial Septic System Design

Moving your business to a new location?

In May 15, 2020

Low-Cost Online Business Ideas for the Post-Covid-19 World

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and many people wonder when will go back to normal? Since the businesses, the economy, and many areas have been greatly affected...

In May 15, 2020

Growth hacking tips for startups

Imagine you multiply the growth of your startup without breaking spending extra money on marketing? Do you like this picture? This is how you will feel after implementing this 10 grow...

In May 13, 2020

Using the Power of Social Live Videos in Your Branding

There’s something captivating about tuning into a live event. Whether it is a performance, interview, or a product presentation, we all love to engage with brands that let us interact...

In May 13, 2020

Startup Office Design to Inspire Creativity

More often than not, startups go against the grain of corporate office culture, and that includes the layouts for offices. It turns out that your typical employees are not more produc...

In May 10, 2020

Why the majority of startup businesses fail

Each person that wants to have their startup begins with an idea in mind of what they’re planning to do with their business, and they decide to invest time and effort so they can be s...

In May 10, 2020

9 Social Media Tips to Boost Traffic to Your E-commerce Site

Approximately 3.81 billion people in the world are using social media, and they are either on one or multiple platforms. That makes social media a powerful avenue to market your produ...

In May 04, 2020

Xiaomi Making Big Strides in 2020

In July, the new edition of what is probably one of the most iconic gadgets from the Chinese firm Xiaomia, the Mi Band 5, had went on sale in in various locations aroudn the world. It...

In May 01, 2020

Will Future Startups Treat Obesity with AI?

When a country says that its population is 15% obese, to give an example, the question quickly becomes… how do they know?

In May 01, 2020