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Microsoft’s Project xCloud in public beta

As we already knew a little less than a month ago, Project xCloud will become part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription at no extra cost for users, which is officially schedule...

In Aug 11, 2020

Twitter also interested in TikTok

It is not only Microsoft that is interested in buying Tik Tok’s business in the United States, according to sources at the Wall Street Journal. Twitter has also held “preliminary conv...

In Aug 10, 2020

REFACE: an app to easily create celebrity deepfakes

Some time ago NEOCORTEXT presented its deepfakes video editing app called Doublicat. Now, it has been renamed REFACE, bringing together new options with past tools to become a viral a...

In Aug 10, 2020

Mijia Sports ECG, the new smart sports shirt from Xiaomi that measures your heart rate

If there’s one thing Xiaomi knows how to do well, it’s her gadgets of all kinds. On this occasion, they have presented their first intelligent sports shirt with an ECG heart rate mete...

In Aug 10, 2020

Bill Gates on the possible purchase of Tik Tok by Microsoft

Bill Gates on the possible purchase of Tik Tok by Microsoft

In Aug 10, 2020

Startups Outsourcing Infrastructure as a Service to Russia

I know what you’re thinking: Why would western companies bother using the public cloud in Russia?

In Aug 07, 2020

An Alternative App Payment Platform to Google Play

If you like to pay for every purchase you make through the Internet and your cell phone, there is a payment platform that is growing like a lather and that allows all companies to hav...

In Aug 06, 2020

Amazon announces the name change of Twitch Prime

Amazon was planning to change its name to Twitch Prime to replace it with Prime Gaming, well, the powerful online store has already made this move by making the name change and making...

In Aug 06, 2020

Why Developers Should Launch a Minimal Viable Product

Programming is not a skill that has a linear career path, and even less so when starting your own business. There are a plethora of languages as well as niches, so it’s not easy to ch...

In Aug 05, 2020

Australia Isn’t Tolerating Google’s Use of Its Users’ Personal Data

Google is once again facing a new million-dollar fine for allegedly misleading millions of users in Australia to use their data for advertising and commercial purposes. The Australian...

In Aug 02, 2020