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Friend or foe – Is going into business with a friend the right decision?

Submitted by Jessica Silver from ElWell

In Aug 18, 2020

Facebook now allows you to earn money with online events

The Facebook team announced a new option on the platform: paid online events.

In Aug 16, 2020

Basque Country wants to import the Israeli model of technological innovation

The Biscay Regional Government’s commitment to promoting Biscay Bay Startup Campus as the largest entrepreneurial event in the north of the peninsula, a tax system focused on startups...

In Aug 16, 2020

Twitter users can now decide who answers their tweets

Twitter continues its efforts to give more control to its users. The microblogging social network has just announced a new feature that will allow tweeters to decide which people can ...

In Aug 16, 2020

Using Graphic Design to Give Your Website a Unique Edge

In today’s internet-driven world, people determine the credibility of a business by looking into its website. Most computer management systems (CMS’) will offer a range of themes and ...

In Aug 16, 2020

How startup funding works in Germany

Often good ideas fail not so much because of feasibility, but rather because they can be financed. Especially in economically difficult times, investors have to do a lot of convincing...

In Aug 14, 2020

Instagram presents Reels and TikTok answers ironically

The battle is on, and this time it’s between Instagram and TikTok. The social network owned by Facebook has just launched Reels, a tool that allows its users to create short videos of...

In Aug 11, 2020

Zuckerberg’s fortune reaches $100 billion

The fortunes of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have suffered from the launch of Instagram Reels, the tool intended to unseat TikTok in social networks. Zuckerberg’s net worth has ex...

In Aug 11, 2020

Google starts testing a new type of virtual business card for search

Google has started testing a new type of card called “people cards”. The idea is for each user to create their own virtual business card to appear in Google searches in a similar way ...

In Aug 11, 2020

Twitter response limitation function officially launched

For some years now, many users on Twitter may have felt uncomfortable expressing themselves freely on the platform for fear of being attacked by other users, who rely on the anonymity...

In Aug 11, 2020