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Accounting Services for Key California Industries, Cook CPA Group

Tax preparation, financial statement audits, and estate planning are a few of the business and financial services we offer clients. In Roseville, Cook CPA is an excellent choice for t...

In Jun 23, 2021

What Happened to GIGAOM?

No one can ever accurately imagine the magnitude of shock that rang through the vastness of cyberspace when GIGAOM declared that it was shutting down. There was no prior warning or hi...

In Jun 07, 2021

How to Strategize B2B Marketing for the Modern Buyer?

B2B marketing has undergone a sea of change in recent years. It was not so long ago that sales reps struggled with cold calls for prospecting waiting for leads. Now everything operate...

In Jun 07, 2021

SignalWire raises $30M

SignalWire uses a cloud-based infrastructure to allow companies to embed their own messaging and video conferences to their apps. They recently raised $30 million in funding, which wi...

In Jun 02, 2021

Shef Raises $20M Series A

Shef is a platform that allows local cooks to sell homemade meals from the confort of their home with reduced contact.

In Jun 02, 2021

Swedish Digital Healthcare Platform Doktor.Se Raises €50 Million

The new digital healthcare platform is garnering lots of new attention and funding.

In May 31, 2021

African Payment Startup Chipper Cash Raises $100m Series C Led by SVB Capital

Financial tech is one the rise in Africa, a region that desperately needs more payment solutions. Chipper Cash is a company that’s been working to open up the continent to cross-borde...

In May 31, 2021

What ever happened to the SolSource solar cooker backed by Mark Cuban?

SolSource (made by One Earth Designs) is a solar powered stove that seemed promising to both investors and consumers. It certainly isn’t the first to hit the market, and many people m...

In May 29, 2021

Latvian Startup Printful Raises $130m, Achieving Unicorn Status

The Latvian tech startup Printful has reached unicorn status after raising a whopping $130 million in funding thanks to Bregal Sagemount. This now puts their value well over $1 billio...

In May 28, 2021

Fintech Startup MotoRefi Raises $45M From Goldman Sachs

MotoRefi is a leading auto refinancing platform that handles the entire loan process for end users. Since they work directly with lending institutions, users can save more money using...

In May 28, 2021