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Where to Buy Carpets

Many of us are not aware of the fact that we need to visit a carpet store before we make a purchase. This is because buying the perfect carpet for our home or that of others requires ...

In Feb 08, 2021

Recycled Disposable Masks Being Used to Construct Highways

There is no doubt that the spread of COVID-19 brought about changes that completely affected our lifestyle, including the frequent use of face masks in public spaces. However, the wid...

In Feb 06, 2021

Jack Dorsey Running a Bitcoin Node

Acordding to a recent update via Jack Dorsey’s official Twitter account, he is now running a full Bitcoin node from what appears to be his personal computer.

In Feb 06, 2021

0x Labs, the startup behind the 0x exchange protocol and a provider of decentralized exchange infrastructure, raises $15M Series A

0x Labs is the startup behind one of the biggest leading examples of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. They recently announce over $15 million in venture capital investment.

In Feb 06, 2021

Spain's economy may be the worst in the EU after the pandemic, says economists

“Spain has a worrying recovery forecast with respect to the rest of the countries of the European Union and, economically, we are among the worst in Europe”, said this Wednesday the e...

In Feb 03, 2021

Electrostatic Disinfection May Be How Small Businesses Survive the New Normal

With Covid-19 disrupting businesses around the world, there’s a huge demand for improvement in the world of disinfection technology. In particular, indoor venues or offices that norma...

In Feb 03, 2021

Boston Dynamics has a new robot arm

Boston Dynamics, the well-known company specialized in robotics, now in the hands of Hyundai, will not stop surprising us. Fulfilling the promise, made months ago, to integrate a robo...

In Feb 03, 2021

Australia proposes to create a publicly owned search engine if Google leaves the country

A couple of weeks ago we commented on Google’s situation in Australia, which has the Internet search giant with one foot out of the country. Alphabet’s flagship product threatened to ...

In Feb 03, 2021

Jeff Bezos will no longer be the CEO of Amazon

A surprise change at Amazon. Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO of Amazon after 27 years in that position.

In Feb 02, 2021

A look at BiliBili, the Youtube for China

With Youtube being blocked by the great firewall of China, BiliBili is one of the main alternatives for domestic users. And since Alibaba and Tencent are getting on-board, it may grow...

In Jan 29, 2021