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PRINCE2 Project Management online

Common features of project management are: Problem identification Solution and planning implementation operation or management review and control</p>

In Mar 18, 2021

Nokia announces another workforce cut affecting up to 10,000 employees

Nokia has just announced a new restructuring plan to save production costs that includes the dismissal of up to 10,000 workers by 2023.

In Mar 17, 2021

MetaKovan is the buyer of the $69M Beeple NFT

Metakovan is a well-known NFT investor, although no one knows who is behind this pseudonym. He has confirmed that it was he who bought Beeple’s $69 million digital artwork.

In Mar 13, 2021

When the bureaucracy kills your startup's passion

Faced with the sometimes cumbersome protocol for launching an entrepreneurial initiative, Ekiter presents itself as a savings partner designed to cover all the needs of the entreprene...

In Mar 11, 2021

Teleworking now makes up a significant portion of the workforce in Spain

Teleworking has gone from being used by 5% of the working population to 25% in just one year, coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic, and driven largely by the confinement that for ...

In Mar 10, 2021

WhatsApp will allow video calls on its desktop app

WhatsApp joins the boom of teleworking and video calls and will now allow its users to make these calls through its desktop application, so they will not have to depend on the cell ph...

In Mar 05, 2021

Elon Musk plans to create his own tech city in Texas

Billionaire Elon Musk continues to make waves with one of his latest ideas: to create his own technology city.

In Mar 05, 2021

Preparing for the New Normal with new pajamas

With work-from-home being the new normal in tech companies, the average bloke can get away with working in their pajamas. In fact, there is a huge demand to buy trendy pajamas that w...

In Mar 01, 2021

Global Consumer Confidence on the Rise

This month’s Ipsos Global Consumer Confidence Index stands at 43.9, up 0.4 points from last month. Although at its highest point since April 2020, the index is still almost five point...

In Mar 01, 2021

Australia-based Employment Hero raises $45M for expansion efforts

As Covid-19 accelerated the use of software-assisted employee management, some startups are stepping up to the plate.

In Mar 01, 2021