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Startup Ideas for Programmers in 2020

Programmers are in demand since they are able to create products or services by hacking around on their laptops. This leads to new and interesting ideas being implemented into all fac...

In Aug 27, 2020

Finding Strategic Partnerships & Using White Label Marketing to Grow Your Startup

Being able to spend a dollar on ads and turn it into ten dollars of revenue is a key skill for long term success.

In Aug 27, 2020

Twitter will offer additional information about requests for direct messages from strangers

Twitter allows users to choose to make Direct Messages available only to those they are tracking or available for any of the platform to contact, whether they are known or not.

In Aug 21, 2020

The reason they can close your TikTok account

TikTok has released a news release revealing the banning of more than 1,300 accounts, more than 380,000 videos and 64,000 comments for the implementation of new policies.

In Aug 21, 2020

SpaceX and NASA set date for their next space mission

There is now a date for the next official SpaceX and NASA mission. The first official Crew-1 mission will take place in mid-October and four astronauts will be sent to the Internation...

In Aug 20, 2020

Instagram releases the suggested publications

Instagram is now interested in keeping users’ eyes on its walls continuously, a position that is in stark contrast to the one it took two years ago, when it warned users with a notice...

In Aug 20, 2020

Wonpy: a tool to get SEO keywords from Google Ads

SEO is one of the key elements to generate a greater impact with a website, because its correct use can influence a better positioning within the results of search engines.

In Aug 20, 2020

Instagram now allows you to share and open any profile with a QR code

Instagram is updated with support for QR codes to share a profile, replacing ID cards.

In Aug 20, 2020

Bob, the startup that bills from home and avoids airport queues

Following the opening of borders, the flow of flights and travel has increased. Therefore, avoiding luggage in the cabin to reduce contact with staff and time at the airport is one of...

In Aug 20, 2020

Oracle is also interested in the US part of TikTok

Since there are no two without three, or so the saying goes, the Californian software company Oracle has now joined the list of companies interested in acquiring a share of the succes...

In Aug 18, 2020