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COwin-KIDS : controlling the virus in schools

There are already several solutions being born to help in this process, and today they present us with one developed by Enzyme Advising Group and SeniorDomo.

In Sep 01, 2020

Uber May Require Masked Selfies To Get Into a Ride

It’s true that many cars have been adapted with a protective panel, and that most no longer accept front-seat passengers, but it’s still necessary for people to wear a mask at all tim...

In Sep 01, 2020

A New Roof Can Save Your Business Money

If you’re a business owner, a commercial roof replacement might seem like too much of an investment.

In Sep 01, 2020

Remote Work Changing Where & How We Live

With the current pandemic having no end in sight in most countries, people are opting to work remotely and live isolated lifestyles. This makes changes in buying habits, social habits...

In Sep 01, 2020

Creativ Media-Factory

Creativ Media-Factory is your reliable and professional full-service advertising agency from Witten, in all questions concerning communication and advertising.

In Aug 31, 2020

YouTube removes more than 11.4 million videos

More than 11.4 million videos have been removed from YouTube for violating the platform’s rules, a significant increase compared to the same period last year when only about nine mill...

In Aug 31, 2020

Apple acquires Spaces

It seems that Apple has given itself the task of becoming the saviour of VR companies in disgrace, to take advantage of their knowledge and put it to the service of their projects. Al...

In Aug 31, 2020

Where is UK Real Estate Market Heading?

While the real estate market in the UK is highly valued, the current Pandemic and Brexit has thrown a wrench into it. People are moving out, and international investors are itching to...

In Aug 31, 2020

How to find the Right Co-Founder? What should i give them?

I have just launched my product and i have lots of things in the plate right now, also i have few ideas which i want to work on, but with time restrictions.Also, a company with the ...

In Aug 30, 2020