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Nonparent employees are increasingly voicing their grievances over tech companies favoring parents

Silicon Valley was forced to change the way they structured their companies, with a new demand for a remote workforce. The coronavirus pandemic forced smaller establishments to close ...

In Sep 06, 2020

Say Goodbye to Twitch Sings in 2021

The official room for singing like a madman in Twitch will close its doors on January 1, 2021, as the service itself has announced. The reason? To focus its efforts on other products,...

In Sep 06, 2020

Epic is formally asking for a preliminary injunction

Epic is back on the case and is trying to get Judge Rogers, who is hearing the case of Epic Games vs. Apple, to order Fortnite to be readmitted to the App Store.

In Sep 05, 2020

Apple Publishes Human Rights Policy

Apple published an unprecedented policy on human rights and commitment to freedom of information and expression, in response to shareholders and social movements demanding a more crit...

In Sep 04, 2020

Unusually large call options purchases by SoftBank over the past month

SoftBank is the “Nasdaq whale” that has bought billions of dollars in U.S. stock derivatives in a move that fueled the feverish rise of big technology companies before a sharp setback...

In Sep 04, 2020

DOJ plans to file antitrust charges against Google

The U.S. Department of Justice plans to file an antitrust case against Google this month, five sources reported on internal department discussions to The New York Times.

In Sep 04, 2020

Most Employees Would Rather Have a Bad Boss than Look for Another Lower-paying Job

75% of employees would rather have a bad boss than look for another job and earn less. Does this really come as a surprise to you?

In Sep 03, 2020

Facebook says it will limit message forwarding on Messenger to five people or groups at a time to tackle the spread of misinformation

In an effort to fight false news and misinformation, Facebook is close to adding a new feature that will limit the forwarding of a message to a certain number of people and Messenger.

In Sep 03, 2020

Musk beats Zuckerberg and is already the third richest person in the world

The tables are turning again on the ranking of the world’s richest men. The multimillionaire Elon Musk, founder of Tesla or SpaceX, has just surpassed another figure of the technologi...

In Sep 02, 2020

Google says it will raise the price for ads by 2% in UK and 5% in Turkey and Austria

Google is prepared to increase the cost of ads on its homonymous search engine, as it seeks to cover the costs of the new taxes on digital services.

In Sep 02, 2020