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What is PRINCE2 Project Management?

 A project is a temporary business undertaking that requires attention to determine the most opportune time to meet specific tasks to produce an end-result.  Projects are un...

In Apr 06, 2021

The European Union "Startup Nations" Standard

Declaration on the Startups Nations Standard of Excellence, to support startups in Europe at every stage of their development. On March 19, coinciding with the celebration of the Euro...

In Apr 02, 2021

PRINCE2 Project Management needs in a company

 The project management needs of any company is determined by the requirements as the result of the fundamental planning activities.  These cannot be the primary evaluation ...

In Apr 01, 2021

The Power of Project Management

Management, the practice of guiding people to a desired goal, is the combined understandings of both psychology and philosophy. The goal is successful completion of a task or goal. A...

In Apr 01, 2021

Livelia, the furniture and decoration marketplace, opens with a pre-seed round of 115,000 euros

Livelia, a marketplace co-created by WedidVentures and Grupo Caballero that will break into the home category at the beginning of June, closes a pre-seed round of 115,000 euros for pr...

In Apr 01, 2021

Apple expands Arcade game catalog with new titles and two new categories

The technology firm Apple has just shaken up the cloud-based game streaming services segment by announcing the major expansion to date of its Apple Arcade platform, with the arrival o...

In Apr 01, 2021

Avanti, which wants to offer custody services for BTC and other digital assets as well as API-based payment services for wire transfers, raises $37M

Bitcoin (BTC) bank Avanti Financial Group ended its Series A funding round with a USD 37 million fundraising, the company itself reported. Since the opening of the round, Binance, Coi...

In Mar 28, 2021

Agile Project Management

Project management is a broad field. A project falls into one of three categories. The first type of a project is a simple effort to create a stream of income. There are many diffe...

In Mar 27, 2021

Finding the best Clubhouse rooms

Clubhouse still has two months to go before it reaches the Android world, but in the meantime on iOS it is having a tremendous success, mainly in the United States.

In Mar 24, 2021, a space to promote local artisan professionals is an online platform that connects professional artisans with customers who support local products, care about sustainable development and cultural heritage.

In Mar 18, 2021