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Colombia’s Rappi raises over $300 million

The Colombian delivery application Rappi obtained more than 300 million dollars in an offer to investors, the company informed this Thursday. Rappi was aiming to raise $350 million, a...

In Sep 25, 2020

Alexis Ohanian files for a new $150M fund

According to a public SEC filing, Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, is raising a new fund called 776. The new goal is to receive $150 million in a fund tied to the Olympic Gam...

In Sep 25, 2020

Chinese startup Showmac Tech, which makes eSIMs for Xiaomi IoT devices, raises $15M Series A+

The eSIM maker for Xiaomi’s IoT line of products raises $15 million in a Series A+ funding round, which amounts to 100 million Chinese yuan. The funding was lead by Addor Capital, wit...

In Sep 25, 2020

Palantir Fetching a Market Valuation of $22 Billion

From Crunchbase News:

In Sep 25, 2020

Mobile World Congress 2021

The GSMA has announced that the Mobile World Congress 2021 will be delayed. Instead of being held in February, the event has been postponed until the end of June. Will this decision a...

In Sep 25, 2020

The 10 Leading Countries in the Digital Qualitiy of Life

Although digitalization is spreading throughout the world, it is not the same everywhere. A global survey on the quality of digital well-being in 85 countries (81% of the world’s popu...

In Sep 24, 2020

Shopify says two “rogue members” of its support teams stole customer data from over 100 merchants

If you’ve bought from a Shopify store relatively recently, your data may be at risk due to an internal leak.

In Sep 23, 2020

Young Entrepreneurs of the Future Prefer Doing than Talking

The young leaders of the future, unlike the current generation, have a greater tendency to discipline, a greater sense of duty and a greater respect for order and routine. Verbal anal...

In Sep 23, 2020

Austin-based SigmaSense Raises $22M Series A

Via Crunchbase:

In Sep 22, 2020