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Uber Freight raises $500M from private equity firm Greenbriar Equity Group

Uber Technologies Inc said on Friday that private equity firm Greenbriar Equity Group would invest $500 million in its logistics operation, Uber Freight, valuing the unit at $3.3 bill...

In Oct 03, 2020

Facebook rebuts The Social Dilemma, saying the popular Netflix documentary “buries the substance in sensationalism”

There are never enough documentaries that warn about the dangers of the Internet: practically every season there is a new event of tragic dyes that the misuse of social networks worse...

In Oct 03, 2020

Global app revenue grew 32% YoY in Q3 2020 to more than $29B

$29.3 billion was spent in mobile app stores in Q3, making it over 35.6 billion app installs. Just check out these infographics provided by Sensor Tower.

In Oct 02, 2020

The Majority of the international entrepreneurial ecosystem prioritizes social and environmental impact

63% of the international entrepreneurial ecosystem prioritizes social and environmental impact in their business model, and of these, 84% highlight the value that being part of a tran...

In Oct 02, 2020

Madrid: the door to Europe for Latin American startups

Madrid. Entrepreneurship. Latin America. Three elements that converge in the form of startups. The nexus of all this? The Madrid Innovation Driven Ecosystem (MIDE) association, which ...

In Oct 02, 2020

BooBoo, the digital logistics operator optimized with Artificial Intelligence

BooBoo is able to detect in real time the most suitable transport solution in terms of service, cost and sustainability. Its founder and CEO, Juan Miguel Moreno, relies on Artificial ...

In Oct 02, 2020

Google launches a news platform to boost quality content

Google is launching a new platform that seeks to prioritize and enhance quality content over other types of news, such as the viral, non-informative, ringing news. This is the Google ...

In Oct 02, 2020

Control your social networks if you are looking for a job

Your social network postings can be a problem when it comes to finding a job, do you know what you’re sharing?

In Oct 01, 2020