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Putin calls for a “reboot” between the US and Russia in cyberspace

Putin calls for a "reboot" between the US and Russia in cyberspace, offering "nonintervention into internal affairs of each other" including in elections (New York Times)https:/...

In Oct 07, 2020

Behart: Cuban startup to promote visual art

While the galleries close in times of pandemic, Behart, a Cuban startup keeps its virtual gallery “open”, a new venture in the local scene. Its founder, Adrián Fonseca Mursulí, (CEO a...

In Oct 05, 2020

Global Robot Expo celebrates its 2020 edition in search of innovative businesses

Next October 20th and 21st, the main stakeholders of robotics, innovation and 3D printing technology will meet at the new 100% digital edition of GR-EX 2020 Global Robot Expo. This an...

In Oct 05, 2020

South Summit 2020 starts “showing the way” out of the crisis by innovating

A “mixed”, “participative”, “multi-channel” model that does not give up connecting the entrepreneurial ecosystem despite the circumstances. Or precisely because of them. With a messag...

In Oct 05, 2020

Italy’s biggest payments company Nexi announces a merger with rival SIA

Numbers, comments and next steps of the merger by incorporation of Sia in Nexi that gives birth to the national sample in the digital payments sector controlled by the Cdp group

In Oct 05, 2020

Ola fails to get London ride-hailing license renewed over public safety concerns

Only six days after Uber won its appeal against London transportation regulators in London, extendign it for 1 1/2 years, the same cannot be said for Ola. This Indian-based rival star...

In Oct 05, 2020

Neuron Mobility, an e-scooter rental service operating in Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia, adds $12M to its Series A

In Neuron’s offical blog, the company had announced their latest funding round that had amounted to $12 million being raised. Their total funding thus far is $30.5 million, and the co...

In Oct 04, 2020

Japanese company will pay Gamers in crypt coins

Crypto-currencies are increasingly covering more and more territory in the world economy sector. So much so, that many companies have begun to pay their employees in virtual currencie...

In Oct 04, 2020, a cloud-based API infrastructure startup, raises $23M Series B is a modern API infrastructure company delivering application networking from the edge to service mesh. Via their official blog, they had announced a $23 million Series B roun...

In Oct 04, 2020

Swipe Launches Visa Loan Card with Defi

Decentralized technology seeks to diminish the importance and control of companies, governments and banking entities that greatly influence finances. For this reason, they work under ...

In Oct 04, 2020