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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says it will investigate competition between Google and Apple’ App Stores

Since both Google & Apple control the majority of apps in the western world, they already have a monopoly on the majority of the world’s information access. This is why the ACCC o...

In Sep 08, 2020

Payments Startup Melio Raises $144 Million for US Expansion

Melio, a payments startup focused on small businesses and backed by investors including American Express Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners, has raised $144 million to fund new ...

In Sep 08, 2020

Designing Jewelry for Future Generations

The pandemic has changed many peoples shopping habits and has solidified people’s confidence in eCommerce. Today more people are turning to online stores like the Irish jeweler The Ir...

In Sep 02, 2020

How Business Owners Can Take Advantage Of California Energy Incentives

Are you a small business owner in California? Now is the time to take advantage of energy incentives.

In Sep 01, 2020

A New Roof Can Save Your Business Money

If you’re a business owner, a commercial roof replacement might seem like too much of an investment.

In Sep 01, 2020

Remote Work Changing Where & How We Live

With the current pandemic having no end in sight in most countries, people are opting to work remotely and live isolated lifestyles. This makes changes in buying habits, social habits...

In Sep 01, 2020

Where is UK Real Estate Market Heading?

While the real estate market in the UK is highly valued, the current Pandemic and Brexit has thrown a wrench into it. People are moving out, and international investors are itching to...

In Aug 31, 2020

Small Businesses Can Recover Some Of Their Income Lost Due TO COVID-19

These unprecedented times have been challenging for us all. But if you’re a small business owner, you might have faced some devastating losses.

In Aug 28, 2020

Managing The Longevity of Your Cellphone’s Battery

Cellphones are now at the cornerstone of both business and our personal lives. Most big tech companies are heavily invested in mobile technology and having a smartphone at anyone’s si...

In Aug 28, 2020

Friend or foe – Is going into business with a friend the right decision?

Submitted by Jessica Silver from ElWell

In Aug 18, 2020