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The Importance of Speeches For Business

There are many types of speeches involved with gatherings for business, and its delivery is important for any company. The purpose typically is to present information to an interested...

In Apr 04, 2020

Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

It’s a bit of a stereotype that corporate events equal big snoozefests. While business information and network should be the main focus, it’s quite trendy to also provide entertainmen...

In Apr 01, 2020

Challenges of Starting a business

Starting up a business can be very exciting when you think of the potential returns of that lucrative idea. It can make you start counting your chicks before it is hatched. However, i...

In Mar 16, 2020

Creating CastSpot

Idea and Conception

In Mar 08, 2020

DynaDomains – Premium Domains at Everyday Prices

DynaDomains is a marketplace that allows domain investors to make monthly income on their parked domains while also making them available to small businesses and entrepreneurs for a v...

In Mar 03, 2020


Talksub is a social networking platform where you can share content and have discussions based on topics of your interest.

In Mar 02, 2020

How to Become a Dean of a College

Being a dean of a college or university is a huge responsibility since it means to be the substantial authority that is in charge of every aspect related to the students and the campus.

In Mar 01, 2020

Emerging Ways For Young Entrepreneurs To Raise Money Through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a practice that is adopted for raising funds to run small projects or ventures by accumulating a small sum of money from huge sources. It can also be called the financ...

In Mar 01, 2020 – Keeping your documentation up‑to‑date

*Elevator Pitch: is a SaaS for engineering teams aimed to help keep project docs up-to-date by linking them to the source code.

In Feb 23, 2020