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Coinbase publishes a “clarification” of its mission, stating it won’t take on activism

As a seemingly unusual decision in the current political climate, Coinbase announced their stance against corporate activisim in a recent blog post.

In Sep 29, 2020

4 Ways That Hiring a Disaster Cleanup Service Las Vegas Nevada Will Benefit You

Disasters come in many forms. They may involve acts of nature of they could be due to a breakdown of electrical or plumbing systems. Whatever led to the current situation, you can bet...

In Sep 28, 2020

4 Basics That You Should Understand About a Trauma Scene Cleanup

It’s jarring enough to know that some sort of traumatic event took place on a property you own. The fact that you need do deal with the cleaning doesn’t make things better. With no id...

In Sep 28, 2020

Cloud computing startups raised almost $3B across 97 deals in Q2 2020

Cloud-computing startups have been in high-demand during the coronavirus pandemic, as large businesses need their services to keep up with the huge wave of competition.

In Sep 27, 2020

Amazon, which had struggled to gain a foothold in Italy, benefited from a shift to online shopping during pandemic

Italy, along with Southern Europe in general, had rejected online shopping in favor or in-person markets for quite a long time. This had changed greatly due to Covid-19 lockdowns, and...

In Sep 27, 2020

Alexis Ohanian files for a new $150M fund

According to a public SEC filing, Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, is raising a new fund called 776. The new goal is to receive $150 million in a fund tied to the Olympic Gam...

In Sep 25, 2020

Chinese startup Showmac Tech, which makes eSIMs for Xiaomi IoT devices, raises $15M Series A+

The eSIM maker for Xiaomi’s IoT line of products raises $15 million in a Series A+ funding round, which amounts to 100 million Chinese yuan. The funding was lead by Addor Capital, wit...

In Sep 25, 2020

Palantir Fetching a Market Valuation of $22 Billion

From Crunchbase News:

In Sep 25, 2020

Shopify says two “rogue members” of its support teams stole customer data from over 100 merchants

If you’ve bought from a Shopify store relatively recently, your data may be at risk due to an internal leak.

In Sep 23, 2020