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Business Ideas for University Students to Consider For Supplemental Income

If you are attending college in 2021, here are 10 business ideas to generate income while you continue your studies.

In Aug 20, 2021

How to Find Investors for My Project

For every entrepreneur, the success of his business is important. There will be times when your own efforts will no longer be enough and it will be time to move to another level. To a...

In Aug 17, 2021

5 services for creating storyboards

Storyboarding is one of the key stages of any video production, but one that is often underestimated. It helps you get an idea of the future of your video even before you start shooti...

In Aug 13, 2021

50 Fintech Startups to keep an eye on in 2021

Fintech is a booming industry as more of our finances are being intertwined with the internet. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that’s receiving massive funding in not only in Sil...

In Jul 30, 2021

Brands That Are Taking Advantage of Nostalgia Marketing

Whether we like it or not, nostalgia is an important part of human psychology. Growing up with certain brands, television shows, and general ways of living can mould the habits of an ...

In Jul 30, 2021

Relationship Between Flat Washers And Bearing Surfaces

Nuts and bolts might be the stars of the fastener show, but they rely on flat washers to achieve top performance. Flat washers are stamped from metal or synthetic materials. They are ...

In Jul 30, 2021

5 Tips to Reduce Waste In Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing has given the world access to amazing technologies. Since the 1800s, industrial processes have allowed consumers to receive goods that offer greater consisten...

In Jul 29, 2021

How Twitch Got Started & What Happened to was its name before, and it started with just one guy (Justin) broadcasting his life 24/7. This was a time when the term “live streaming” was not popular—even they at Justin...

In Jul 29, 2021

No-Code: Today and Tomorrow

Many companies are faced with the urgent need to create functional programs for servicing the internal infrastructure (internal applications) and programs for communication with custo...

In Jul 29, 2021

Issues When Scaling a Startup or SMB

Imagine investing the time and money to get your product off the ground and it’s well received by the general public. This is the first hump to get over as a startup, yet the journey ...

In Jul 24, 2021