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Health tech startup Xsolis receives $75 million investment from Brighton Park Capital

The most prominent health tech company form Nashville has received a large private investment to accelerate their growth. This $75 million investment comes from Brighton park Capital,...

In Jul 05, 2021

Is a startup right for you?

A startup is starting a business, and it is all about your vision, expectations and your money. You read about everything that goes into your business. This means that you can start a...

In Jul 05, 2021

Trainual raises $27 million Series B

Trainual, an Arizona-hosted SaaS platform for b2b team scaling, scored $27 million in a series B round of funding. This is the thanks to high profile investors like Altos Ventures, ee...

In Jul 04, 2021

Fintech SaaS Rapyd to Acquire Valitor in a $100 million deal

Icelandic company Rapyd has reached a deal to purchase Valitor, an Icelandic payments solutions company. The purchase is valued at $100 million and is “subject to regulatory approval”.

In Jul 04, 2021

Does your startup need a business address?

What is a business address? A business address is the place where someone makes a business call while in touch with someone else. A business address is a part of the company’s network...

In Jul 03, 2021

What happened to Andrei Jikh's stock portfolio? | Andrei adopts cryptocurrency.

Andrei Jikhn is an American magician and online financial counselor. He comes from a family of Russian circus artists. When he was seven years old, his father, a circus ringmaster, im...

In Jul 01, 2021

Gympass, the corporate wellness project, raises $220 million

Gympass, the Brazilian fitness and corporate wellness unicorn, announced today a $220 million Series E funding round. In the last few months, the company has experienced remarkable gr...

In Jun 29, 2021

India-based LocoNav Raises $37 million

LocoNav, an Indian firm that helps drivers and fleet owners in more than a dozen countries manage their cars more effectively and save money, has secured $37 million in a fresh round ...

In Jun 28, 2021

Discord Buys AR Startup Ubiquity6

Ubiquity6 and its crew have been bought by gaming chat app giant Discord after collecting tens of millions of dollars from investors and making a significant shift earlier this year.

In Jun 28, 2021

What Services are Offered by SEO Agencies

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. Also called SEO, this targets unpaid...

In Jun 25, 2021