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Facebook launches BARS, a TikTok-like app for creating and sharing music

Facebook continues to bet on video content and also on music. The internal Research and Development group of the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg has just launched an experimental a...

In Feb 28, 2021

Sustainability will be essential for the competitiveness of post-Covid startups

Within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the 2030 Agenda, the sustainability of small and large companies has become an integral issue, which concerns the entire organizati...

In Feb 26, 2021

Twitter announces the launch of premium Super Follows

Twitter has announced a paid service through which users will be able to access exclusive content from the profiles they follow. The service will be called ‘Super Follows’ and will be...

In Feb 26, 2021

What is the job of a prince2 project manager?

The job of prince2 project management is personified and focused around a business process. The processes entailed in prince2 project management are: Prince2 project and Portfoli...

In Feb 26, 2021

Overview of PRINCE2 Foundation variables

In this article present a brief overview about the seven variables of successful prince2 project management. As a highly motivated individual prince2 foundation project manager, you a...

In Feb 26, 2021

Experience as a PRINCE2 practitioner

If you have experience of prince2 practitioner project management, you are qualified to read on. I have been in the prince2 practitioner project management field for over 20 years and...

In Feb 26, 2021

Fi, an AI dog collar producer, raises $30M Series B Funding

According to Tech Crunch:

In Feb 25, 2021

The success of the social network fuels the buying and selling of .club domains

Jason Steinhauer arrived at Clubhouse in August of last year, when the audio social network was populated by a few thousand users. “In the early days, I was surprised by the appetite ...

In Feb 20, 2021

Integrating Sage 50Cloud allows you to manage your SME with efficiency and security.

Spain is a land of small and medium-sized companies. It is a fact. As is the fact that their competitiveness is essential to survive and form part of the economic fabric. Currently, o...

In Feb 20, 2021

Alcohol and Depression During the Pandemic

It’s a common belief that “alcohol drowns sorrows”. In reality alcohol abuse, or dependence has many adverse effects on our health. And this is no joke considering both alcohol consum...

In Feb 19, 2021