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How Microsoft is Helping Startups

Microsoft had went from a company that notoriously acquired smaller competing companies in the 1990s to now one that is actually helping the little guy. In February of 2018, they anno...

In Apr 15, 2021

Project Management prince2 to achieve your objectives

A project is a temporary endeavour with a start and finish date, undertaken to achieve a particular objective, usually to satisfy an external customer, customer or sponsor. The durati...

In Apr 13, 2021

Contextual adtech company GumGum raises $75M, triple from the previous round of funding

The ad-tech company GumGum recently scored $75 million in capital funding via Goldman Sachs.

In Apr 13, 2021

Google used a secret program to get a head start on its ad system

Tech giant Google has been operating a secret ad-buying program for years that gave it advantages over rivals.

In Apr 13, 2021

Digitization of 10% of European small businesses could generate an incremental value of $148 billion

Vodafone has published the Digital for Europe report prepared by Deloitte, which identifies the benefits of digital transformation, with the lever of SME digitization as one of the ma...

In Apr 13, 2021

Bitcoin rises to an all-time high of $63,179, anticipating the Coinbase NASDAQ listing

Bitcoin advanced to an all-time high as the mood in cryptocurrencies turned bullish ahead of the IPO of cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase Global this week.

In Apr 13, 2021

The Importance of PRINCE2 Project Management

The scope of the project is the top most level. This must be clearly defined before any work can begin. This will give the manager the most cost effective way of dealing with the en...

In Apr 12, 2021

Only 42% of customers think the digital experience is better now than before the pandemic

The digitization of customer services has multiplied since the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing confinement, which drove millions of people online to continue s...

In Apr 07, 2021

Clubhouse introduces new functionality to give money to creators

Clubhouse, the social network of the moment that with only one year of life is already valued at 1,000 million dollars, has announced a new feature, through which its users will be ab...

In Apr 07, 2021

Mexican used car marketplace Kavak raises $485M

Kavak, the Mexican platform for buying and selling pre-owned cars, reached a valuation of US$4 billion after raising US$485 million in new funding, the company told

In Apr 07, 2021