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Musk’s satellite Internet service will arrive in Europe in 2021

The Internet service being carried out by tycoon Elon Musk through Starlink and SpaceX could reach Europe from the beginning of next year.

In Nov 08, 2020

An app ‘rescues’ food for those who also need it

The Spanish marketplace-type platform, Encantado de Comerte, is dedicated to the use of food with a solidarity and social project. This free access tool for all types of users to food...

In Nov 08, 2020

Massachusetts voters pass a right-to-repair expansion governing vehicle data

One election night issue that has appears to have an answer already is thepassage of Question 1 in Massachusetts, which asked voters to strengthen laws guaranteeing people are able to...

In Nov 05, 2020

“How to Hack BlogWorld”

by Larry Chiang

In Nov 05, 2020

10 Tips for Founders to Improve Their FICO Score

Founders have bad credit and get it one of two ways. Not making enough money (obviously). And not so obvious, making too much money. Why?!: You won’t have car loans because you’re liq...

In Nov 05, 2020

SXSW 2013: The Appconomy

There’s a seemingly never-ending sea of new apps to explore at SXSW. You find out about them from marketing tricks including pop-up demonstrations when people gather around, roving fo...

In Nov 05, 2020

Wise, a fintech startup that partners with other companies so that they can offer business bank accounts to their own customers

Fintech startup Wise has raised a $12 million Series A spherical. the corporate provides business bank accounts with a noteworthy go-to-market strategy. Wise partners with alternative...

In Nov 01, 2020

Alibaba’s subsidiary, Ant Group, prepares a historic IPO

A Fintech subsidiary of Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce giant, called Ant Group has announced its IPO, with the intention of raising some $34.5 billion in a public offering to be made ...

In Oct 31, 2020

Amazon partners with sustainable brands in Europe

Amazon will help sustainable brands sell more on their platfom. The company announced today the launch of the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and t...

In Oct 30, 2020