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A look at Parler, a social network with little moderation

Parler is known as the conservative clone of Twitter, and in the last few days, since the elections, it has reached a million additional downloads in very few days.

In Nov 15, 2020

Google says it will end support for Expeditions

Google announced that it will close Expeditions, its free educational app that gives teachers and students the ability to explore different parts of the world using augmented reality ...

In Nov 14, 2020

LinkedIn says it discovered a pair of video and ad metrics measurement errors that led to 418K advertisers overpaying for campaigns

An error in LinkedIn affected advertising campaign metrics. For two years, advertisers paid more than necessary.

In Nov 14, 2020

Sources: Uber has been in talks since October to sell its self-driving car unit

Uber is looking to divest its autonomous vehicle division, Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), and the Aurora Innovation sector startup is a likely candidate for acquisition, TechCrunc...

In Nov 14, 2020

Retailers are using employee influencers on TikTok to garner organic reach

Corporate America is pushing their internet marketing game further than ever, and according to a report by Digiday, even low level employees are being involved with influencer marketing.

In Nov 13, 2020

PayPal now allows you to buy and sell crypto-currencies within their app

PayPal has already activated its service to buy and sell crypto-currencies from the app. While this removes the waiting list, it is only available to eligible accounts in the United S...

In Nov 13, 2020

A Neat Invention to Eliminate Alcohol from Your Body

A group of researchers in Canada come up with a solution that promises to eliminate alcohol from our bodies in a short time, so it would eliminate intoxication (we would no longer be ...

In Nov 13, 2020

Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, says he has come out of retirement

According to the latest report by Tech Crunch, Guido van Rossum has come out of retirement to work for Microsoft.

In Nov 12, 2020

Railsbank, which aims to be a “utility” on which other companies can build financial services, raises a cool $37 million

London-based fintech Railsbank, a member of Lhoft, announced on Thursday that it has raised $37 million, including from Luxembourg-based MiddleGame Ventures. Heading for America!

In Nov 12, 2020

Pipedrive, a sales CRM startup that was founded in Estonia, receives a majority investment from Vista Equity Partners at a $1.5B

One is the newest European Unicorn, CRM software provider Pipedrive proudly writes in a mailing. But this is not quite true. Although the valuation after the latest round of financing...

In Nov 12, 2020