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Aquile Reader, an app for Windows 10 to read and download free e-books

If you are a reading enthusiast and you are looking for an application to read your e-books in Windows 10, then you cannot miss the opportunity to acquire the tool we will talk about ...

In Jan 15, 2021

WhatsApp changes its policies and forces its users to share data with Facebook

WhatsApp users who want to continue using the app will have to accept a new set of requirements included in its terms and privacy policy that includes sharing data with Facebook.

In Jan 11, 2021

Roku has acquired global rights for Quibi content

Following reports earlier this week that “advanced talks” were taking place, Roku announced that he acquired the Quibi short program library only three months after the mobile broadca...

In Jan 09, 2021

Qualcomm appoints successor to CEO upon retirement

Qualcomm, the US-based microprocessor company, has started the year with a significant change in its board of directors. The company’s current CEO, Steve Mollenkopf, is retiring this ...

In Jan 09, 2021

Google workers unite in their first union

More than two hundred Google workers have joined together to form a union, an unusual and even important gesture among Silicon Valley companies, which is usually distanced from union ...

In Jan 09, 2021

How to Remain Invisible on the Internet

Our personal data contains very sensitive information. While most people believe in the right to privacy, there are private and public entities that want to take advantage of the info...

In Jan 08, 2021

Instagram tries a new design for its Stories in its web version

Instagram is testing a new way to present its Stories in the desktop version, in the form of a carousel instead of a mosaic, a functionality that only a certain group of users can acc...

In Jan 08, 2021

A platform that helps you assemble a computer piece by piece

Setting up a computer from scratch is an adventure, as it allows you to build a workstation that is tailored to the particular needs of its user. However, this could prove to be a com...

In Dec 25, 2020

China’s market regulator announces an antitrust investigation into Alibaba

China has opened an antitrust investigation into Alibaba. Chinese regulators have stepped up their scrutiny of the powerful tech empire built by Jack Ma. What’s happening and how riva...

In Dec 25, 2020

Uniontech Software, a Chinese startup that makes Linux-based operating systems, raises $168.2M

China had never really been notorious for operating system development up until recently, now that the country is looking to break free from Western tech.

In Dec 25, 2020