Oasis Security Closes $40M to Secure Non-Human Identities

Lily Polanco Follow Jan 31, 2024 · 1 min read
Oasis Security Closes $40M to Secure Non-Human Identities
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Oasis Security, an Israeli cybersecurity startup, has emerged from stealth after raising $40 million in seed and Series A funding to address vulnerabilities in non-human identity management systems.


  • Oasis builds tools to “discover, resolve, and automate” non-human identity protections. This refers to how systems and applications - not people - authenticate with each other within an organization’s IT infrastructure.
  • The funding was led by Sequoia Capital. Accel, Cyberstarts, Maple Capital, Snyk founder Guy Podjarny, and Island CEO Michael Fey also invested. There was reportedly an intense bidding war among VCs to back Oasis, even pre-launch.
  • Early customers include Chipotle, real estate giant JLL, and financial services provider Mercury. Non-human identities outnumber human ones 50:1 at most companies, presenting a massive attack surface for hackers.
  • Oasis generates network maps to comprehensively track all non-human system interactions. It then monitors data flows to rapidly detect and suggest fixes for suspicious activity that could represent a security compromise.
  • The platform also continually refreshes network maps and keeps watch for new threats. The goal is full automation of non-human identity monitoring and defense.
  • CEO Danny Brickman has an elite Israeli military background in cybersecurity, along with co-founder and Chief Product Officer Amit Zimmerman. Their secret project for the army won an innovation award from its head commander.
  • Oasis believes non-human identity management deserves focused solutions tailored to its unique complexity versus human-centric systems. It aims to drive value specifically within this expansive, high-risk domain.
  • Sequoia partner Bogomil Balkansky stated that non-human identity is the “gaping hole” in the broader identity perimeter securing most enterprises currently. Oasis can close that hole at a critical time when CISOs are prioritizing the issue.

In summary, Oasis Security has bold plans to revolutionize non-human identity protection using advanced behavioral mapping and automation. Its compelling origin story and early customer momentum have captured investor enthusiasm. We’ll see if it can deliver on that promise in the volatile cybersecurity arena.

Written by Lily Polanco Follow
Junior News Writer @ new.blicio.us.