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Feb 23, 2020 · 1 min read – Keeping your documentation up‑to‑date
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*Elevator Pitch: is a SaaS for engineering teams aimed to help keep project docs up-to-date by linking them to the source code.

*Problem Statement: Often times company’s docs and internal knowledge pile up in some knowledge base, wiki (like confluence) or google docs. And after a while, everything turns into a mess. It’s hard to find the right document, determine whether it actually covers the code developers are working on, and detect if the document is relevant as of today.

*More details: With it’s possible to link any type of doc — a short note, full-blown markdown spec, image, PDF, GoogleDoc file or virtually anything, directly with the code. Now all docs have a clear scope. It’s trivial to discover what is documented right from the IDE or from our site. We also track the relevance of each document. When the code behind the doc changes, we decrease its relevance factor. This answers whether the doc is fresh as of today, and you may rely on it. All this keeps the documentation up-to-date.

*Stage: Pre-revenue. Have an MVP, talking to SMB customers

*Collaboration&Discounts: Reach out and tell us that you came from this post to get a discount for paid plans.

*Looking for: Customers and partnerships

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