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We had previously covered the no-code movement, allowing for people to focus on their artistic and marketign aspects of their startups. On the polar opposite of the spectrum, there is the No-design movement.

Because not everyone has multiple skills and talents, it is quite common for developers to find that when it comes to touching the design side, they are quite limited in that respect.

While some people may choose their fellow designers, or hire a creative for their project, there are others who have no choice but to do what they can with what they have. That’s why the people at wanted to collect as many tools as possible to help the latter.

For developers without artistic talent

This website is exactly that, it has baptized itself as a collection of tools for developers who have little or no artistic talent. In it you will find things like photos, illustrations, typographies, icons, art, CSS resources, libraries, interface kits, videos, other inspiring projects, etc.

This website allows you to create your own fantasy maps of the world, regions, cities and towns in detail.

All sorted by category and linked to the original sources where the resources were published. It is mainly oriented to web developers, but this does not mean that it cannot be useful in many other fields.

Most of the resources are free and/or open source

The website is quite simple, even a little bit too basic. There is no search engine, no sections, and navigation is limited to filtering by resource type on the single front page. However, you can do things like save favorites, or send a tool that you find useful in case you want to collaborate.

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