Ning Powers Over 2.5 Million Social Networks - Here's Why You Should Still Use It

new.blicio.us Follow Dec 02, 2023 · 3 mins read
Ning Powers Over 2.5 Million Social Networks - Here's Why You Should Still Use It
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If you want to create an online community or social network, one of the biggest players in that space is Ning. Originally founded in 2004, Ning lets individuals or organizations quickly set up customized social networks around specific topics or groups. But with heavyweight competitors like Facebook and Reddit, does Ning still remain relevant nearly 20 years later?

As it turns out, Ning currently powers over 2.5 million social networks, and previously hit over 1 million in 2009, covering every topic imaginable. Ranging from niche enthusiast communities to collaboration portals at major corporations, Ning leverages an easy-to-use platform so you don’t need coding skills to build an engaging online destination. Read on to learn more about the vast breadth of social networks hosted on Ning today and why deploying one for your needs makes immense sense.

The Sheer Scale of Ning’s User-Generated Networks

To comprehend the ubiquity of Ning and user-created social networks built on it, the numbers speak for themselves. Ning reports these impressive statistics regarding its ecosystem today:

  • 2.5+ million social networks hosted
  • 200+ million users across Ning network sites
  • 1+ million paying subscribers
  • Over 50% of networks focused on business use cases
  • Networks support over 50 languages

Whether serving groups as small as a local sports team of parents or sprawling global workforces at massive enterprises like Volkwagen and Caterpillaf, Ning meets organizations and engaged communities wherever they are.

Prominent examples of influential groups leveraging Ning include The Wellness Universe, Linux.com, Model View Culture, Owners Club Network, and The Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop. From online magazines and causes to niche activity sites uniting enthusiasts, Ning accommodates intimate to enormous networks with ease.

Why Ning for New Social Networks Shines

What makes Ning ideal for launching a social network from the ground up comes down to a few primary advantages:

Easy Setup and Customization

Using Ning’s guided tools and pre-made templates, nearly anyone can craft a specialized social network without coding expertise. Drag-and-drop layouts, design themes, plug-ins, and modular building blocks let you realize your vision painlessly.

Robust Features for Community Building

Ning bakes in standard features like user profiles, groups, forums, blogging, media sharing, events, and more for fostering connections. Leverage what works for your constituents without reinventing wheels.

Responsive Support Team

Stuck on setup concepts or need troubleshooting down the road? Ning offers 24/7 customer support along with an extensive help library to educate site admins at any hour.

SECURE Infrastructure

Behind Ning’s simplicity lies an enterprise-grade platform engineered for security, speed, reliability and scale. Rest assured your network leverages cutting-edge infrastructure.

Business Model Flexibility

Ning accommodates various models ranging from free networks to paid subscriptions and advertising-funded approaches. Find an operating plan aligning incentives and revenue.

Interlinking Capable Sites

Grow your network by interlinking related Ning sites through the platform’s built-in affiliate program. Share members and activity with aligned communities.

Bring Your Community Together on Ning

While household name social networks occupy minds, Ning empowers nearly any group seeking an owned online space to materialize one swiftly. 2023 presents no better time than now to brainstorm if a customized hub filled with tools fostering belonging could further your initiative’s goals. From grassroots advocacy causes to recreational meetup planning, Ning’s versatility shines through its incredible span of over 2.5 million vibrant networks already connecting kindred spirits.

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