NileGuide iPhone App Helps Travel Site Grow Follow Jan 01, 2011 · 2 mins read
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Travel site NileGuide has launched an iPhone application, making it easier to plan your trips and access your NileGuide activity while on the go. Called Guide To Go, the new, free NileGuide iPhone app offers all he main features found on the site.

Some features include browsing custom itineraries, exploration options for trip elements, and access to photos, comments and contact information. There are also maps based on planned activities, which also has each point of interest viewable in relation to a user’s current location. Each location also has a guidebook, with the history of that location, weather, best places to stay, eat and drink.

Just as on the NileGuide site, community features are available on Guide to Go. iPhone users can leave their own comments and reviews directly from their mobile phones. A recent feature added to NileGuide, which promotes travel information from local experts, is also accessible on Guide to Go.

I think this mobile app looks pretty comprehensive and is a great next step for NileGuide. The past few months have seen a wealth of upgrades from the travel site, and it’s good to see that the bulk of these updates have been included in the mobile application. Launching the mobile app was the next logical step in NileGuide’s ultimate goals central to the company, and I expect we’ll see even more mobile integration in the future.

For smart phone integration in particular, the customization of the Guide to Go app and its associated content is key for NileGuide. Connecting the main site and the iPhone app can really enhance a user’s trip-planning and travel experience at any point in the process. There are other iPhone apps that aren’t necessarily designed for travelers but offer user-based reviews on locations. Many of these apps are lacking the advantage of an integrated map based on your GPS location, or recommendations based on personal preferences.

So in that regard, the NileGuide app has an advantage for even those that aren’t planning an entire trip but would like to get information on any given point of interest. This means that the Guide To Go iPhone app essentially expands the use cases for NileGuide service itself, which will ultimately enable the company to grow in multiple directions for a very broad range of end users.

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