Firefox for Android Getting Over 400 More Extensions Follow Nov 29, 2023 · 1 min read
Firefox for Android Getting Over 400 More Extensions
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Mozilla is significantly expanding support for add-ons and extensions in the Android version of the Firefox browser, with over 400 new options becoming available starting December 14th.

Up until now, Firefox’s extension library on Android has been limited compared to the desktop version. However, Mozilla is opening up compatibility so that developers can more easily port popular desktop add-ons over to Android.

In preparation for the launch, Mozilla has added a link in the Firefox Add-ons site to “Explore all Android extensions” to increase visibility of the new expanded catalog. They have also already released a couple dozen open extensions for Android as a preview of what’s to come.

With over 400 additions incoming, Firefox Android users will have far more flexibility customizing and enhancing their mobile browsing experience. Extensions can provide functionality like ad blocking, password management, translating web pages, organizing tabs, enhancing security/privacy, and more.

The planned redesign of Firefox’s add-on libraries aims to improve search and discovery for Android-compatible extensions amongst the wider catalog. Between streamlined store presentation and significantly more Android-optimized extensions to choose from, it should prove easier than ever for Firefox mobile users to boost productivity or enjoyment through custom add-ons.

Overall, Mozilla’s major extension support expansion will bring Firefox for Android much closer to the desktop browser in terms of personalized features and functionality starting next month.

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