Mijia Sports ECG, the new smart sports shirt from Xiaomi that measures your heart rate

new.blicio.us Follow Sep 29, 2020 · 1 min read
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If there’s one thing Xiaomi knows how to do well, it’s her gadgets of all kinds. On this occasion, they have presented their first intelligent sports shirt with an ECG heart rate meter, we are talking about the Xiaomi Mijia Sports ECG.

This shirt manufactured by the Asian country’s giant has a Smart ADI ECG embedded in the chest, which is a signal conditioning module integrated into the garment itself, making it capable of monitoring our heart rate in real time. These are all its features.

In addition to this, the garment also gives itself the freedom to say that it is capable of performing electrocardiograms in less than 1 minute, with the aim of analyzing and studying our physical condition, obtaining precise scientific information that would indicate whether our heart is functioning correctly or not.

The T-shirt has a band that runs all over its own torso, having the purpose of receiving and processing those electrical impulses that our body expels. This occurs through a special sensory fiber developed by COTECH Inc (one of the most famous firms in this area throughout Asia), which manages to capture these precise signals and then send them to the ECG module.

Mijia Sports ECG, the new exercise area gadget from Xiaomi

As to the general aspects of the garment, Gizmochina comments that the Xiaomi Mijia Sports ECG is made from high-quality sports fibre material, making it a fairly lightweight, highly breathable T-shirt.

It has a small capsule that hides an LED ring inside, which may light up in one colour or another and even vibrate to alert us to dangerous heart frequencies. You can see these results through the My Home app, after connecting it from your mobile to the T-shirt through a Bluetooth connection.

For the moment, this garment will be sold only in China, as it has been usual with the launch of some gadgets manufactured by Xiaomi. This garment was launched for 249 yuans (30 euros approximately) and we hope to see it in the online store in Spain in the coming weeks.

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