Pistachio Consulting Releases Microsharing Comparison

new.blicio.us Follow Nov 03, 2008 · 1 min read
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Pistachio Consulting had researched 19 publicly announced microsharing applications and published their finding via Scribdb:

Enterprise Micro Sharing To... by laura5993

Concurrently, employees see the collaboration, networking, problem-solving and other productivity benefits of web 2.0 tools and want to apply them at work. These tools directly contribute to knowledge capture and management as workforces are scaled back and baby boomers retire, and they boost motivation and retention, especially among millennial generation employees.

CIO magazine’s October survey of 243 IT executives found three-quarters plan to freeze or cut their IT budgets. There is a critical need for cheaper, more versatile ways for information to flow within the enterprise. Enterprise-grade versions of Twitter may be the low-cost solution that fills this need.

Microsharing for organizational communication and collaboration fundamentally changes how employees interact with others and grow their professional capacity. Microsharing connects people in ways that promote mutual support, rapid networking, inspiration, mentoring and idea exchange.

Pestachio Research: http://pistachioconsulting.com/services/research/

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