Matching algorithm – A tool for recruiting

Sep 17, 2020 · 1 min read
Matching algorithm – A tool for recruiting
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With Brydger we have developed a tool that helps companies and applicants find each other. In contrast to classic portals like Xing, Linkedin, Stepstone etc. we do not first ask about qualifications, but whether the culture of the company fits with the applicant’s ideas about his future employer.

How do we do this?

Based on research from the last 30 years, we have developed a simple intuitive tool to test this match with companies. You know Parship or wedding broker? We use a similar principle to find the right company for you, based on a psychologically sound evaluation. Parship meets

We make the job and applicant search easier, more efficient and more successful.

The tool is not only applicable in the application process. It can also be used within a company to evaluate employees and thus show which teams and departments the employees fit best.

Advantages for companies:

More efficient recruiting

–> an occupation requires less contract negotiations, fewer interviews, fewer invitations, fewer contacts; Conclusion: less stress, time and costs

  • More successful recruiting
    –> higher motivation
    –> higher satisfaction
    –> lower fluctuation
    –> higher productivity
  • Internal evaluation
    –> check in which teams your employees are best placed

Advantages for applicants:


–> User does not have to search countless Internet pages, write to companies, conduct job interviews. The interview is more pleasant.

  • Success and satisfaction
    –> User finds suitable company
    –> User is more satisfied and motivated
    –> Work does not have to be work