Mar.ia, the virtual influence generated from artificial intelligence that is sweeping Instagram

Sep 22, 2020 · 4 mins read
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It’s clear that the internet has no limits and it seems that no matter what I do there will always be a handful of people - or a few - who follow the latest craze. It is precisely about these crazy things that we have come to talk: a ‘virtual influence’ has gone viral in Mexico. It’s called Mar.ia and has about 110,000 followers.

Mar.ia says she is “the first Mexican virtual human” and according to her profile, food is her true love. It is already incredible that an artificial character has managed to get into the ranks of Instagram’s most followed, but that she defines herself as a food lover makes everything much more bizarre.

The young girl with the brown hair and the happy look has a fresh air and a very ‘tiktoker’ attitude. This was her first publication, in May of this year: