Low-Cost Online Business Ideas for the Post-Covid-19 World

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Low-Cost Online Business Ideas for the Post-Covid-19 World
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The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and many people wonder when will go back to normal? Since the businesses, the economy, and many areas have been greatly affected by this disease.

The truth is that we all have to prepare for the Post-Covid-19 world because we’re going to face many challenges regarding our finances, and we need to be prepared for everything that may come ahead.

One way to be ready for when this disease is over is to have a plan, so we can gain money even if the economy is trembling. The best way to be equipped for all the dares that we’ll face is by having an online business that we can manage from home, and the best part is that we can start right away, so when the time comes, our business is solid and we won’t have to worry about anything.

If you’re a beginner in the business world you need to get to know it first, and you can achieve this by starting a small business and seeing how you can handle it. Besides, it’s great if you have a busy schedule.

Ideas for starting your business

You don’t have to wait until this pandemic is over, you can start planning your business right away so you can evaluate what you need to make it successful. The best part of choosing a low-investment business is that you can focus more on getting started and less on logistics and expenditures.


One option of an easy business is dropshipping and it’s great to start because you won’t need to invest a lot of money and it can scale up quickly. It’s also very easy to manage, so you won’t have to learn anything complicated to run your business.

This idea consists of selling goods provided by a third-party supplier store, and once you make a sell you have to pass the order to them and they’ll arrange the shipping to your customer. You won’t even have to handle any product.

You can start your online store where you offer several products from different suppliers but focused on a specific niche. You can sell items for pets, or sports goods, or anything you’d like.

Customized products

If you’re a designer or a creative person, you might consider selling customized products with your designs that are unique and original. This is great because if you focus on creating something beautiful you’ll be offering a special product that no one else has.

But you don’t have to necessarily be a designer since you can always hire a freelancer to do the designs that you have in mind for you. You can print those designs in t-shirts, cups, phone cases, tote bags, or any item that you’d like. The best part is that the print-on-demand services offer good prices so you can have great earnings if you know how to correctly do the marketing for your products.

Sell digital products

The digital products such as courses, music, books, templates, and any other not tangible invention are a great idea of business because you won’t have to invest money in manufacturing and shipping, so you can have a high earning margin.

You just have to figure out how to develop a great digital product that people would like to buy. Think about offering a solution to a common problem, so people can find it useful and they’d want to pay for it.

Think about a talent that you have and that you can turn into a digital product, so you can easily receive income.

This is even a great business idea to start right now since the quarantine makes people to be locked on their houses and they’re continuously looking for something new to learn, so you can offer courses that are useful for this moment and post-covid-19 world.

Offer a service

With a service-based business, you can have great revenue since you’ll be offering your skills to people that need it and that are willing to pay the price that you establish. It’s a great business idea because you won’t have to invest in anything; you just have to manage your time so you can offer a good service to your customers.

Many professionals can offer their services as a designer, writer, photographer, teacher, and more, so you just have to consider what skills you have are on demand.

Keep in mind that in a post-covid-19 world many people would want to hire services from self-employed persons since it tends to be cheaper than hiring dedicated staff for their business, so you can start training on your skills from now.

Sell handcrafted items

If you’re a person with skilled hands you might want to consider selling handcrafted items since you’ll have the whole control of the process because you’ll handle everything from manufacturing to shipping.

Whether you make soap, jewelry, clothes, pottery, sauces, or any other creation, you have a potential business in your hands, and you can make it profitable once you develop a solid business idea.

You can start as a pre-order business, and once you have many customers you can start creating your inventory so you can have more sales.

Build an audience

In the digital world we live in, being a creator is one of the most common business ideas because you’d only have to find an audience that you can monetize. It’s an easy way of making money, you just need to have a good strategy.

You can create videos for YouTube or Instagram, or you can write a blog, and you have to promote it so you can reach your audience. Once you have people following you can select a way of monetizing it, and it’s a great way of making passive incomes.

You don’t need to have tens of thousands of followers; you just have to come up with the best idea for making money despite the amount of people that follows you, such as having a Patreon account, selling physical or digital products, or becoming an affiliate.

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