Today we consume an endless number of movies and series, keeping track of all of them, and not missing anything is complicated. That's why there are applications that are dedicated not only to helping us keep track but also to helping us discover more films and series. In this aspect, one of the best to follow series as we have already seen is Couchy and if we talk about movies, you should take a look at Letterboxd.

Letterboxd is not only an app to follow movies, but it is a service itself. It has been a few years as a service on the web and since a little more than a year ago also as an app for iOS. Like the service itself, the app is exquisite. You can download it for free from the App Store, but first, take a look at its details.
What makes Letterboxd the best movie-tracking app?

The Letterboxd app has five important sections. But the first thing we'll see when we open the app in the form to sign in or create an account. Once this is done, we will be able to navigate through the whole app:

  • Popular: This is the main section and it will help us to discover movies because here we find the popular ones in the last week, the ones popular among our friends and the last ones seen by our friends. Also, we will be able to see the last reviews of the people that we follow or the lists that they have created.
  • See: different rankings according to genre, date, available service, score... It is the place to find any movie you have in mind and add it to your profile.
  • Adding a movie: This is an essential section because whenever we see a movie we can add it from here to the list of movies seen, rate it and leave an opinion about it.
  • Activity: Letterboxd bases its success on offering a social network for us to interact with our friends and followers and on countless lists to discover movies. The activity we can see everything that the people we follow have done and we can also see all our activity within the service.
  • Profile: Everything related to our presence in the social network, from the average score we offer to a diary of films we have seen reflected in a calendar. It is here where you will also find your lists, your list of movies to watch, the movies are seen, the likes you have given, the followers you have, and who you follow...

It goes without saying that by entering a film we can see its trailer, director, date, and casting, duration, synopsis, production company, genre, reviews by other users, lists to which it belongs... You will know everything you need to decide whether to see it or not.

As we have mentioned, Letterboxd is based on users and their recommendations through lists. That's why it's interesting that you look for your friends in the social network to follow them. You can also connect directly with Facebook and Twitter to find users who are using Letterboxd. Either way, you can follow anyone you want just by finding their username or if you have read a review of them and think they have similar tastes as you do.

Visually (and subjectively) the Letterboxd app for iOS is beautiful. It has a dark interface where movie posters stand out because of their colors. You don't need to know Letterboxd, if it's your first time using the service you'll quickly get used to the app, as it has an intuitive design and is comfortable to use.


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