Kulto Project, from garden to house

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Kulto Project, from garden to house
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Kulto Project is a startup that puts technology at the service of small farmers to support local consumption, reduce carbon footprint and boost organic food and sustainable production.

It allows farmers to showcase their “virtual garden” through a digital platform where local consumers can geolocate and buy their seasonal fruits and vegetables directly, without intermediaries, paying a fair price for the producer.

It is this same person who prepares the order, which the user receives within 24 hours of its preparation at home thanks to the services offered by the platform. In this way, the consumer can make the purchase comfortably while contributing to boosting local economies.

The initiative is reserved only for organically produced crops, which do not use pesticides or other chemicals designed to force their growth or extend the durability of the products. In addition, the fruits and vegetables are harvested at their optimum point of ripeness, which guarantees their maximum quality and natural properties and makes them healthier for consumption.

“The tomatoes or apples that we buy in the supermarket were harvested early and have matured in cold storage; on the outside they look perfect, but have lost their smell and taste. By buying from local farmers we ensure that the tomatoes will taste like tomatoes, but we will also be avoiding the CO2 emissions of a long distribution chain,” explains Pablo Quintero, co-founder of Proyecto Kulto, in a note.

See more on their official website: https://proyectokulto.com

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