Jerry, The AI-Powered Car Ownership Assistant Follow Nov 23, 2023 · 2 mins read
Jerry, The AI-Powered Car Ownership Assistant
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Finding the right car at fair prices while managing loans, insurance, and maintenance can frustrate drivers. Startup Jerry tackles these pains through AI-enabled tools simplifying each ownership step.

Co-founded in 2017 by CEO Art Agrawal, CTO Musawir Shah and VP of Operations Lina Zhang, Jerry built mobile technology assisting over 4 million customers compare deals and optimize costs.

Its app taps proprietary machine learning algorithms pairing users with vehicles meeting their needs and budgets. Once purchased, Jerry handles financing, warranties, registration renewals, repair appointments and more.

Born from Agrawal’s own stressful car buying experience, Jerry places consumer power on par with opaque dealers through intelligent data. Users simply snap photos of vehicles they like for Jerry’s computer vision to instantly identify makes, models, years and equipment.

Location-based alerts notify drivers if nearby listings sit reasonably below or above fair value. Percentage differences provide tangible insights versus vague dealer claims. This transforms once frustrating guesswork into informed conversations.

Beyond acquisitions, Jerry manages ownership-related financing and insurance policy options through easy monthly payment comparisons. Maintenance nudges like oil change reminders arrive straight to driver smartphones.

Available nationwide, Jerry generates commissions on insurance plans sold through its platform. But its core value stems from AI-optimization making vehicles consumer-friendly.

Based in Palo Alto then expanding operations to Toronto and New York while growing to 186 employees, Jerry secured over $240 million in funding since 2017 to further develop its technology.

Led by Goodwater Capital along with Highland Capital Partners, Jerry increased revenue tenfold between 2019 and 2020. The $75 million Series C in 2021 valued Jerry at $450 million.

Jerry’s 2021 user base topped 4 million as its machine learning algorithms improved predictions around pricing, loans, warranties and maintenance needs. This intelligence supports drivers through a frictionless ownership process.

CEO Agrawal calls Jerry an “AI-powered assistant handling the unfun parts of having a car so you can just enjoy the ride.” Early user PlainVanilla098 agrees: “Jerry took care of everything from financing to maintenance and more. It’s like my own digital car expert freeing me up.”

Through customer-driven data and cutting-edge technology, Jerry positions itself at the forefront of automated, personalized vehicle care for the future.

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