Is Google Adwords worth the Investment for Your Startup? Follow Feb 22, 2023 · 3 mins read
Is Google Adwords worth the Investment for Your Startup?
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With so many marketing strategies that are at our disposal in 2020, is Google AdWords worth it?

Like everything that comes from Google, their ad platform one of the most popular solutions for those who want to invest in paid ads. Although, it isn’t entirely newbie friendly, so this guide will help you get started with Google ads.

One of the advantages that reinforce the idea that Google Adwords is worth it is its payment model for campaigns. The CPC payment method allows your company to pay Google only for the clicks that your ad receives. Google also does a decent job at catching webmasters trying to send fake impressions/click your way.

The #1 benefit of Google Ads is control

The control we have over practically everything related to the account, elements such as keywords, ads, landing page schedules and budgets,

On a keyword level for example if you are running a store campaign in focus on selling men’s watches.

You can select and include only those keywords that are related to this niche market by choosing words such as watch models or brands and that will ensure you some kind of benefit,

At the same time you can block those search terms for which you are not interested in appearing in Google results, and should be included in your list of negative words.

You show up at the most important moment: when people are looking for you Do you remember the boom years ago when people looked for businesses in the yellow pages? In those years, and it was a very good idea to add an ad inside the yellow pages.

Why? Because it was something that everyone had at home and consulted when they needed a service or product. When someone gives you a pamphlet, they give it to you without knowing if you are interested in the product and when you probably don’t need it. On the other hand, the yellow pages worked well because there wasn’t much of an alternative.

Google AdWords works like the modern yellow pages, bringing some order to the chaos of the internet. You appear when people are interested or looking for something about your product or service. That makes your ad very effective, since you are in the most important moment because people are already looking for your service or product.

There are still classefieds or “yellow pages” type websites that are free or cheaper than Adwords, but I guarantee they have little-to-no traffic in comparison.

User Segmentation

Contextual targeting in Google Adwords display campaigns consists of defining a series of keywords, typically 8-10, to tell the tool that we want it to display our ads, typically banners, on web pages, blog articles, etc. in which the context of the page is related to the keywords we have configured.

Using this set of keywords (e.g. expense management, expense control, expense management software) we define a theme (in the example, theme “expense management”), so that Google Adwords will search for web pages with this context (“expense management”) on which to place our ad.

It could be the case of a website or a blog that deals with a subject far from our keywords, but precisely has an article that explains things that are related to our keywords. Then what the algorithm with which Google Adwords display campaigns work is to place our ad on that particular page, and not on the rest of the pages.

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