In ancient times, trade was seen as a true epic adventure. Animals were prepared to transport the goods, soldiers and mercenaries were hired to escort the merchants, in addition to the need for the most varied resources to face trips that could take weeks or even months, depending on the destination.

In Ancient Greece, true homage to the god Hermes was made to ensure the prosperity of traders. Today, that entire journey can be reduced with cupom de desconto shoptime to just one click, wherever you are.

Buying over the internet becomes an increasingly common practice among people, who seek the comfort offered by technology. According to data from ABComm (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce), e-commerce expects to earn R $ 59.9 billion in 2017, 12% more than in 2016.

Virtual commerce really facilitates people's routine, especially for those who like to research prices well before making their purchases. In a short time, the user is able to visit dozens of online stores, evaluating the best prices, payment methods and product delivery conditions. However, is this really the best option for consumers?

We have prepared this article to talk a little more about the advantages and disadvantages of this way of shopping.

In search of the ideal price: when is buying online worth it?

Anyone who likes to save and make the best deal will definitely be satisfied with online shopping. According to Zoom, 78% of consumers claim to find the best price on the internet. Because they don't have expenses with employees, rent a physical space and even have a electricity bill, virtual stores are able to offer the best market conditions on most products.

The discrepancy in the values ​​of appliances, computer products and electronics is even more evident, even in companies that have physical stores and virtual stores. A computer, for example, can vary up to 46% of its price between the two options, according to the study.

It is important to note, however, that virtual stores will not always offer the best deal. There are many fairs and exhibitions, such as the large sales of clothing stores, which offer unimaginable discounts even for online platforms like Oferta Ideal, with the aim of burning inventory and winning new customers. It is always important to do some research to see if any of these events are going to take place in your city and enjoy.

Not everything is perfect: buying on the internet also has its problems

Despite the competitive advantages in the prices offered by the internet, it is good to always be aware of some setbacks you may have when purchasing products in this way. The first one is the risk of delays. There is nothing worse than making a purchase and not having the product on the agreed date. In addition to anxiety, it may be that the consumer is counting on delivery on time, which will certainly bring discontent and, in some cases, even legal fights. If you need the product urgently, it is still recommended to buy it in a physical store.

Card cloning is also a real risk. According to a survey conducted by ACI Worldwide, a company specialized in combating bank fraud, 33% of Brazilians have already been victims of credit and debit card fraud. The internet is one of the main means of action by hackers and malicious people. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the credibility of the websites visited and, above all, to use a good antivirus tool.

Finally, another very big problem is the difficulty of identifying the real characteristics of the products. Return cases are not uncommon, as when there is a mismatch between what was described and what was delivered, or, in the case of clothing and shoe stores, the items do not wear and do not wear as we imagined. In this process, the user can spend a lot of time until he finally gets what he wanted.

In the physical store, on the other hand, you will be able to try the product and see if it really meets your needs.

Ponder your interests: define how to buy

There is no right answer when it comes to shopping. The most important thing is to weigh interests, compare prices and delivery terms. If you still feel uncomfortable when purchasing products over the internet, don't settle, as you can still use your persuasive power to try to get the best conditions. The good old bargain is still a practice recommended even by the best specialists.

On the other hand, if you want comfort and convenience, welcome to the world of the internet. Technology definitely came to reduce distances and ensure more agility in human relations, including in the area of ​​commerce.

Is that you? How do you prefer to make your purchases? Tell us in the comments!


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