Is 2020 The Year For CBD-based Startups?

Feb 01, 2020 · 2 mins read
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CBD is technically not weed, and since it’s now legal in many states and foreign countries, it’s a window of opportunity to form a lucrative startup. This cannabis extract is famous for its various positive effects on the body without making the user “high” in the typical sense.

Regardless of a mix of misinformation on the internet, it is clear that this substance has its effect on endocannabinoid receptors, and some people are lacking the production of their own endocannabinoids. This is where CBD comes in, and can potentially reduce the symptoms in a host of chronic diseases.

Nowadays, it’s quite easy to find vials of this stuff sold on e-commerce platforms, but even that is starting to be saturated. The future of CBD may lie on more creative business platforms.

Edible Products

Likely to mask the flavor and stigma around cannabis-based products, there is a surge in demand for CBD-infused snacks. This includes the likes of CBD gummies, hard candy baked goods, coffee, beverages, and teas.

This also leaves opportunities for CBD to be featured at restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes (wherever it’s legal). There are already some establishments taking advantage of newly legalized marijuana, but there may be a good niche to full for health-conscious clients.

Skin & Hair Care

CBD and hemp oils are quite popular for topical treatments. There are a lot of artisans selling their creams, shampoos, Castille soaps and more with it mixed in with other essential oils. Recipes can be tweaked and this business has room to scale as legalization becomes widespread.

Pet Products

While there is little scientific literature regarding how CBD affects pets, this interview reveals some therapeutic benefits for dogs. Just like humans, dogs can get certain diseases in which CBD can alleviate. In particular, it can be used for pain relief or to calm them down when they are a bit anxious.

There is a growing demand for CBD in dog treats or food since they are unlikely to take droppers like humans are willing to.

Vaporizer e-liquids

Just like people who vape THC or tobacco, there will always a niche of people that what an instant hit of CBD. CBD concentrates may be used in an electronic vaporizer in order to deliver your dose of it to your lungs, and effectively to your bloodstream. Its effects are felt near-instant compared to edibles, but with a shorter lifespan.

CBD Patches

CBD can also be put into patches as it’s absorbed by the skin, just like nicotine patches. It allows for the user to have it released throughout the day to avoid constant oral or vaping doses, especially if they are quite busy at work.

This can be a lucrative business that caters towards those that have no interest in cannabis but are taking CBD for medicinal purposes.

The market is still young and there is room for so many CBD businesses to pop up. As research continues to advance, the market will continue to mature and businesses will settle in place.