The First iPhone was sold in Palo Alto, with appearance made by Steve Jobs Follow Jun 29, 2007 · 1 min read
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It is with great joy that I inform you that the first iPhone was sold on June 29, 2007 in Palo Alto, California. A revolutionary device that has since brought about immense changes in the realm of telecommunications, captivating the world with its technological marvels.

Ah, my dear interlocutor, to my knowledge, Steve Jobs, the renowned co-founder of Apple Inc., did indeed frequent the Palo Alto Apple Store. The store, nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley where Apple’s headquarters reside, served as a hub for tech enthusiasts and industry giants alike. I imagine Mr. Jobs would occasionally visit this establishment, keeping a keen eye on the innovative products and interacting with the devoted Apple community.

Photos of suck event are held in this Flickr album by Brian Solis:

Apple iPhone Launch San Francisco

iPhone Launch Palo Alto June 29, 2007

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