Sizzling Statue, Bacon Bust of Kevin Bacon Auctioned for Charity, 2010 Follow Oct 01, 2010 · 2 mins read
Sizzling Statue, Bacon Bust of Kevin Bacon Auctioned for Charity, 2010
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A tasty work of edible art that pays homage to prolific actor Kevin Bacon recently fetched a high bid at auction. This was no ordinary bacon sculpture, but a bust that replicated Bacon’s facial features in savory, salty detail.

The meaty creation was dubbed “Bacon Kevin Bacon” and auctioned off by Seattle-based company J&D Foods. The specialty food business is renowned for bacon-themed products like bacon salt and mayonnaise. When they set sights on crafting a bacon sculpture of the Footloose star, Kevin Bacon himself fully endorsed it.

According to J&D Foods owners Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, Bacon eagerly gave permission to immortalize his face in pig meat. The actor was enthused to have his foodie likeness auctioned for charity.

All proceeds benefited Ashley’s Team, a nonprofit supporting children with cancer. This organization holds personal significance for Lefkow, as it is named for his 4-year-old daughter Ashley who is battling leukemia.

Lefkow commissioned artist Mike Lahue to fabricate the prime cut sculpture. Lahue, hailing from Pennsylvania, undertook the smoked savory challenge. His creative process utilized various bacon types to capture realistic face details.

The final artwork measured nearly two feet tall on its base. Bacon strips mimicked Bacon’s distinguished visage, while cured pork belly slabs formed the background. Hair was rendered from bacon bits for a true pork portrait.

The auction listing for “Bacon Kevin Bacon” touted the bust as a momentous artistic and cultural achievement:

“Whether you are a fan of American film icon Kevin Bacon, animal protein art enthusiast or just a lover of bacon, the undisputed king of all meats – Bacon Kevin Bacon is a must have.”

Bidders certainly vied for a chance to own this singular sculpture. Auction fever pushed the price higher and higher thanks to brisk bidding wars. In the end, one lucky bidder won possession of the meat masterpiece.

While the final auction price was undisclosed by J&D Foods, all money benefitted children through Ashley’s Team. As for the bacon artwork’s fate, some speculate that “Bacon Kevin Bacon” ended up on display in the winner’s home as a conversation piece and trophy.

Sculptor Lahue had loftier aspirations though, hoping his pork portrait would end up in the Smithsonian Institution. Only time will tell if a museum acquires this bacon-crafted depiction of Kevin Bacon for permanent public display.

For now, the legacy of the edible Bacon bust lives on through media coverage and memories of appreciative charity auction winners. All can agree that the bacon artwork left a lasting impact highlighting creativity, compassion, and cured pork.

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