Instagram releases the suggested publications

Aug 20, 2020 · 1 min read
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Instagram is now interested in keeping users’ eyes on its walls continuously, a position that is in stark contrast to the one it took two years ago, when it warned users with a notice at the end of its walls when they had seen all the new posts that its followers had been posting in the last two days.

In this respect, the company is today presenting the suggested new posts, a combination of posts belonging to users who are not being followed, together with advertising posts, as could not be otherwise, improving its advertising revenue even further, and which will be offered automatically as users gradually move down its walls, its walls appearing to be completely infinite.

The suggested publications will be fully related to the types of content that users already follow on their walls on the social platform. For the moment, within the suggested publications, there will be no room for IGTV or Reels content.

The idea, as it existed in the beginning before the rise of the digital welfare features, is that users will spend more time using the application, offering them a way to continue once they have seen the new publications of the users they are following.

Some people suspect that this new feature comes in response to the way TikTok works, which offers a continuous relationship of content without any limit, which makes users can spend hours and hours in the application, which has allowed it to become a successful social platform.

Note also that the suggested posts are different from the posts that users can find after the Explore tab, which offers more targeted content to guide users than to offer more than what users already have in mind.

In any case, it will be the users who will now have to determine whether to continue with their walls once they see all the new posts of those they have in follow up, or to stop when the notice arrives.