Instagram presents Reels and TikTok answers ironically

Aug 11, 2020 · 2 mins read
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The battle is on, and this time it’s between Instagram and TikTok. The social network owned by Facebook has just launched Reels, a tool that allows its users to create short videos of no more than 15 seconds that aims to rival the popular Asian app.

The new Reels tool is not new, but its launch was global, as it had been tested with considerable success among users in Germany, Brazil, France or India, but now it has come to stay around the world.

It is a kind of repository in which the stories published by users and the tool used to create them will remain. They can be shared for all the fans, for just the friends or for one in particular, or also for the whole community and its operation and duration of the videos is very similar to that of TikTok.

The operation is very simple, just select the Reel option at the bottom of the Instagram camera. There you will find creative editing tools on the left side of the screen that will allow you to create a real one. You can choose a song from your Instagram music library or even record a Reel with original audio. You can record multiple clips with different effects, and select an effect from the gallery developed by Instagram and creators around the world.

Users will also be able to record their clips hands-free, with a timer that makes it easy for them to do so and that counts down before recording begins, giving the user time to prepare for it.

Objects in previous clips can also be aligned before recording the next, creating smoother transitions from different moments.

The video will also have the option of being accelerated or slowed down, as will the audio so that the pace can be kept.

After the clip is recorded, Instagram users will have the ability to share these Reels with their fans. If you have a public account, you can share it in the “Explore” section for the whole community to see, but you can also post it so that only fans can see it.

If you have a private account, Reels will always respect Instagram’s privacy settings, so if you share your Reel on the feed, only your followers will be able to see it, and you won’t be able to use your original reels’ audio or share it with anyone other than your followers.

After the announcement of this new Instagram tool, TikTok had to give a response, as this functionality practically works like the Asian app. And so it did, in a tweet that said “wow, this looks familiar,” responding to the Instagram announcement with the presentation of the new feature on Twitter.

TikTok is still in the midst of controversy, mainly because of security concerns that have caused even the United States to consider banning it from the country, or at least that’s Donald Trump’s intention.

But TikTok is also on behalf of everyone because of the growing rumors that Microsoft wants to buy the platform in the United States.