If you follow certain Twitter accounts, it's because you're probably interested in what they might publish. What happens is that these tweets will sometimes get lost among so many likes, retweets from certain people.

Hush is a new platform that invites us to do something very simple: only see the tweets of those accounts that interest us, without distractions and without "any noise" of any kind.

More words, less distractions

As we can see, one of the most striking points of this page is its minimalist design, in which we will simply see a dark-coloured background and the cream-coloured tweets (in text format).

Another positive point is that you won't need to create an account to be able to start using it. We'll just need to log in and click the button on the left ("Edit List") to create a list of Twitter accounts that we want to follow closely.

You won't need a Twitter account to use it

Changes we make to this list will be stored locally, for those users who are concerned about their privacy. Another aspect to take into account is that it will not be necessary to have a Twitter account in order to use it.
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There are no photos, only text, and the tweets are arranged chronologically. If we want to know more (or go to the original tweet) we'll just have to click on the little arrow that appears on the right side of each tweet.

This can be ideal for following certain types of accounts or certain types of content, without being interrupted by other accounts (family, friends, co-workers) that we follow in our personal account.

Check out the project's Github at: https://github.com/thelittlewonder/hush


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