How Microsoft is Helping Startups Follow Jul 20, 2019 · 1 min read
How Microsoft is Helping Startups
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Microsoft had went from a company that notoriously acquired smaller competing companies in the 1990s to now one that is actually helping the little guy. In February of 2018, they announced Microsoft for Startups and committed over $500 million in related programs. They idea was to integrate their services within new companies in a variety of industries worldwide.

Microsoft Reactors

If you are a fan of public work spaces, Microsoft has created Reactors, which are community hubs that allows professionals, students and local industry leaders to meet up. Most locations will have staff members to plan events and help with cloud services.

A Reactor Space in San Francisco

Microsoft ScaleUp

Previously known as the Accelerators program, this is their co-selling program that allows startups to utilize their sales force. Series A startups are eligible and it is generally geared towards enterprise-level business services.

M12 Venture Capital

This is the venture capital funding division of Microsoft, previously known as the Ventures program. They’ve helped startups at various stages of grow, between Series A and D, and mostly depends on your company is projected to grow.

Azure Credit

If anything, startups should be happy with the $200 credit offered by the program. This allows you to use their powerful infrastructure to deploy virtual machines and databases to give your project a boost. There is also a tall list of services that are always free, even if your credits run out.

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