How Many Domain Names Exist? An Overview of Domain Registration Statistics

Roman Janson Follow Jan 23, 2024 · 1 min read
How Many Domain Names Exist? An Overview of Domain Registration Statistics
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Domain names are a critical part of the internet infrastructure, allowing websites and other online properties to be easily identified and accessed. But just how many domain names exist? Getting an exact number is difficult as new domains are registered every day, but there are some estimates that provide insight into the massive scale of the domain name system.

In 2021, it was estimated that there are around 367 million registered domain names. While estimates vary slightly, most reputable sources put the number at over 365 million and growing at a steady pace. Back in 2015, there were around 294 million registered domains, indicating substantial growth over a relatively short period of time.

When it comes to the different top-level domains (TLDs), there are over 1,500 registered options. However, a small number tend to dominate in terms of popularity. These include: The ubiquitous .com TLD accounts for over half of all registered domains. Over 157 million .com domains were registered as of 2021. and .org: These legacy TLDs date back to the early days of the internet. There are over 13 million .net domains and over 10 million .org. However, they are losing some market share over time.

-Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs): ccTLDs correspond to different countries and territories. Popular options include .co (Colombia), .ai (Antigua), .in (India), and .uk (United Kingdom). There are 308 possible ccTLDs.

Some other TLDs like .io and .ai are gaining popularity for technology startups and forward-looking brands. But overall, .com continues its dominance with over 50% global market share. This is in large part thanks to its 15+ year head start over more recently introduced TLDs.

In summary, experts put the number of registered domains globally at over 365 million and counting. The .com TLD accounts for the significant majority of registrations, but legacy TLDs like .net and .org still maintain millions of domains. Country code TLDs are widely used as well, providing localized identity to many sites and brands. As the internet expands its reach to more people and devices, expect the pool of domains to continue rapidly expanding.

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