Google now has a WordPress plugin to create Web Stories Follow Jul 07, 2020 · 2 mins read
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The word “stories” can already be heard in the mainstream with: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook… Even Twitter is paving the way. Stories are fast content, ideal to keep track of something without investing a lot of time.

The fact is that Google also bets on something like this, and for that we already saw details of how the AMP stories work, a format that will gradually become more popular, and that already has even a plugin for WordPress.

Available at in beta status (not recommended for production environments but for brave people), it has a very simple operation, as can be seen in that Twitter publication:

🔥 Web Stories are coming to WordPress!

The first public beta is now available (for the adventurous) to install & test.

👉🏽 More info here:

  • Paul Bakaus (@pbakaus) July 1, 2020 It has a function to drag the background, put masks, respect the security area, put text with good contrast … as well as links with tips that will help us create appropriate stories that point to our content.

Web Stories is an immersive, tappable and easily shared storytelling format. Web stories are created using a subsection of the WAP framework. Web Stories is an opportunity for creators and editors to structure content into a full screen experience that is visually rich and engaging for users. Recommendations for Web Stories

To get the most out of it we have to tell complete and interesting stories, with high quality image covers and an attractive title, with less than 10 words per page.

When using videos, the shortest ones are the best, so we have to tell it in less than 15 seconds. An average length of 10 to 20 pages allows most authors to tell a good narrative.

Don’t overdo the animations, and pay attention to the transition time (remember, the reader’s time is golden).

It’s not about making stories out of anything. You have to plan the introduction of the story, create an arc and build a complete narrative. Once we know what we want to say, divide it up. Just as complex as making a Youtube video script.

Each Web Story should have a minimum of 4 pages and ideally less than 30. The Google Web Stories Plugin

Once the plugin is installed, we will have it in the side menu, in the Web Stories section, where we can click on “create a new one” to start. We can add photos, text and colors, creating pages, one after the other, to end up specifying the logo of the publication and the cover. In the right menu we have the format of what we are publishing (colors, font, shadows, transparencies …), while above will be the option to publish or leave as a draft.

The story will be available in a specific url (it is possible to define the permanent link) and disclose it in a publication if we want.

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