Google News Will Allow Free Access to Articles Protected by Paid Walls

Dec 03, 2020 · 2 mins read
Google News Will Allow Free Access to Articles Protected by Paid Walls
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Have you entered a news portal, where the content is partially protected? This is known as a “paying wall”, a commercial strategy applied by many media to make the content they generate profitable through the subscription model.

As legitimate as that business model is, it was becoming a rock in the shoe for Google News, who applied a solution to offer news from media that work in this way.

Google assumes the costs, to ensure benefits

In short, Google’s strategy involves a content licensing program. Clearly, any media will not be eligible for this program under Google’s criteria. However, this new experience, announced as part of a $1 billion news investment, is a way to help the overall sustainability of its news partners around the world.

Pay Walls are a crucial part of some publishers’ revenue strategies. To support that goal, Google will pay participating partners to provide limited access to paywall content for News Showcase users. In return, users will be required to register with the news publisher, providing a way for the publisher to build a relationship with readers.

Now, it has become easier for people to find more valuable content from the media they trust. The new type of news presentation panel includes a list of popular news items, selected daily by their favorite editors and media.

For example, if users are following the news that is reported on local issues, they will see daily updates of the news in that category, starting with the most important news, selected by the newsroom.

Related publications (whether national or local) will also be displayed in the client’s feed, as well as a dedicated area for finding publications in the new news display area on the Google News kiosk.

All this is part of the News Showcase improvements, already visible in the Google News apps for iOS and Android. Soon, this experience will also be available in the web version of this news service.

For the creators, with this initiative, the News Showcase metrics will soon appear in Search Console, providing more data to better analyze which articles and topics are attracting more readers.

These improvements are part of Google News Initiative, a program that goes beyond your news reader, as it seeks to contribute, in general, to the development of online journalism.