Google Drive Changing the Way We Share Files

Sep 02, 2020 ยท 1 min read
Google Drive Changing the Way We Share Files
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The Google team announced a new dynamic for sharing files from Google Drive. A novelty that will reach G Suite users next month, and that will make it easier to share files with users who do not have a Google account.

Presentations, Spreadsheets and Google Documents have different options to invite other users to participate in editing a file. However, it is a requirement to have a Google account. This is about to change with the next update.

This is a feature that was in beta for a long time, but will become part of the G Suite features. The dynamic is simple. If you want to invite a user without a Google account to edit a document, just send them the invitation.

Along with this invitation with permissions to edit the document, the user will see a code to verify their identity. The validity of the verification lasts about 7 days, so if you need more time to edit the document you will have to use the code again to pass the verification process.