Google Analytics gets updated and focuses more on privacy

Oct 17, 2020 · 1 min read
Google Analytics gets updated and focuses more on privacy
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The technological giant Google has just launched a new version of its Google Analytics, focused mainly on privacy, using automatic learning models to identify the most important trends of the moment.

Google’s intention, according to a statement, is to help users improve their marketing decisions and have a better return on their investments in the long term.

Thanks to the automatic learning, the information that can be useful for users will be automatically displayed, and it also provides a complete understanding of customers on all devices and platforms.

Privacy is at the heart of its new design, so “you can trust Analytics even when industry changes, such as cookie and identifier restrictions, create gaps in your data.

The new Google Analytics will provide alerts on significant trends as well as products that are in greater demand due to new customer needs.

Another new feature of the new Google Analytics is that it has a deeper integration with Google Ads, so users will be able to create audiences that can reach their customers with more relevant and useful experiences.

Similarly, Google will allow to focus on measuring a single customer, instead of fragmented by device or by platform. You will also gain a better understanding of your customers throughout their lifecycle, which is important because people’s needs change over time and real-time decisions need to be made to gain and keep new customers.

With the new Google Analytics and data controls you can better manage how Analytics data is collected, retained and used, for better ad personalization.