After A Decade of “Human Circuitry”, Gnomedex Says It’s Time To Call It Quits

Nov 05, 2009 · 1 min read
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Its founder and organizer, Chris Pirillo, declared on stage that this would be the last one (although I think secretly there’s a bet on when Gnomedex 11 will take place).

Nevertheless, Gnomedex 10 was sure to beat all expectations and IF this was to be its last show, it would go out with a bang – and we weren’t disappointed. The festivities began on Thursday night with a pre-party at the Bell Harbor conference center which got people to mingle with each other, conduct interviews and just have a great time. Then, Friday morning came and we moved into the real fun…with an opening keynote given by Brian Solis and then a series of speakers talking about technology – no, not social media, email marketing, or how to build an application, but how did THEY user technology in their lives to make an impact. If you haven’t been to a Gnomedex conference, I consider it a technology version of a TED conference where people present their case studies and how they have been innovative to create some really cool stuff.

As Pirillo puts it, Gnomedex is all about the “Human Circuitry” – influence, ideation illumination, inspiration, interaction and illustration. It’s the passing along of ideas and showing how technology can change the world beyond just a simple “check in” or tweet.